About Us

NSQUARE Playschool is an initiative of NSQUARE schools which is the national leader in the research and test preparation area. Keeping with the tradition of excellence at the roots, NSQUARE Playschool has many centres across 9 States. NSQUARE Playschool progresses one pre-school at a time, to be the best pre-school brand in India. It caters to the age group of one-and-a-half to four-and-a-half year old children, modelling their growing minds to temples of excellence.

Why NSQUARE Playschool?
  • Low investment, High returns
  • The right to use the well-known NSQUARE brand name 'NSQUARE Playschool' for Pre-school.
  • Backed by our educational expertise of over 23 years.
  • Thoroughly researched curriculum academic material and support.
  • Continuous training and up-gradation for business partners on the business know-how.
  • Last but not the least -- our TOTAL commitment to you and your kids.
  • Space (own/rented/business centre) at 2000 to 2400 sq feet of space (Independent house in a good locality preferred)
  • Investment of 6 to 7 Lakhs
  • All necessary investments required for setting up the place and running the pre-school successfully.
The person

  • Looking out to start off on his/her own or already in his/her own pre-school business - and with a basic interest in and aptitude for education and love for children.
  • With a lot of drive and a burning desire to make it big.
  • With commitment to quality and interest in the future of kids.

  • Personal involvement in the NSQUARE Playschool pre-school franchise and its day to day running.
  • Willingness to recruit the required number of personnel for running the pre-school.
Our Support
  • Assistance in establishing the Pre-school.
  • Complete exposure to our pre-school training methodology and curriculum.
  • Assistance in selecting and training teachers -- this training is provided through a combination of personal training (at the Head office and at your location).
  • Complete pre-school course material will be provided with necessary modifications required from time to time (including detailed time table, support sheets and worksheets for the entire academic year).
  • Guidance in marketing and promoting the pre-school.

Our pre-school support team

A group of well experienced people to guide you on the academic and marketing fronts. Regular training for the franchisee team/staff would be arranged. We strongly believe that our growth comes from the growth of our pre-school franchisee centers.

Curriculam & Methodology

We have planned comprehensively to design a perfect curriculum and methodology which is child friendly and makes learning fun. NSQUARE has been in the business of developing curriculum for 17 yrs, and has developed curriculums for over a dozen courses till date.

Classes offered

Play group: 18 months to 2.5 years

Nursery: 2.5 to 3.5 years

Pre Primary-1: 3.5 to 4.5 years

Pre Primary-2: 4.5 to 5.5 years


Excellent model of infrastructure which is child friendly__gym room, audio visual room, friendly outdoors, and much more..

ALL this with a low level of investment – no need to invest huge sums of money

Locations Available

We are looking for franchisees/business partners at different locations in the country to run NSQUARE Playschool centres. The Franchisees will essentially be entrepreneurs running NSQUARE preschool centres under the guidance of NSQUARE - using the NSQUARE & NSQUARE Playschool brand names, NSQUARE material and the formidable expertise developed by NSQUARE over a period of 23 years.

NSQUARE Playschool is looking for franchisees for different locations in the cities listed below:

Andhra Pradesh Karnataka Tamil Nadu Telangana Maharastra Gujarat Kerala Uttar Pradesh West Bengal
Anantapur Bangalore Chennai Adilabad Amaravati Ahmedabad Calicut Agra Asansol
Chitoor Belgaum Coimbatore Hyderabad Aurangabad Anand Cochin Allahabad Calcutta/Kolkata
Cuddapah Bellary Erode Karimnagar Kolhapur Baroda Kannur Ghaziabad Darjeeling
Guntur Davengere Hosur Khammam Mumbai Bhavnagar Kollam Kanpur Durgapur
Kakinada Hubli Madurai Mahabub Nagar Nagpur Gandhinagar Kottayam Lucknow Jalpaiguri
Kurnool Mangalore Salem Nalgonda Nasik Jamnagar Palakkad Meerut Kharagpur
Nellore Mysore Tirupur Nizamabad Pune Rajkot Trissur Varanasi Purulia
Ongole Trichy Secunderabad Ratnagiri Surat Trivandrum
Rajamundry Vellore Warangal Sholpaur

Franchises would be entered into for a location(or multiple locations) in a city, based on the handling capability of the franchisee. Incase you are interested in places other than those listed above, please specify the place in your Franchise Form.